minikube for Mac install


minikube for Mac install


* macOS 10.12 (Sierra)
* A hypervisor such as Hyperkit, Parallels, VirtualBox, or VMware Fusion


brew install minikube

Upgrading minikube:

brew update brew upgrade minikube

Hypervisor Setup for Hypervisor

Start a cluster using the hyperkit driver:
minikube start —vm-driver**=**hyperkit
To make hyperkit the default driver:
minikube config set vm-driver hyperkit

Increasing memory allocation:

minikube config set memory 4096


Start a cluster by running: minikube start Access the Kubernetes Dashboard running within the minikube cluster: minikube dashboard minikube service list Stop your local cluster: minikube stop Delete your local cluster: minikube delete Delete all local clusters and profiles minikube delete —all

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